Our Youth Council, Activity Patrols, and Teams are always working on developing new and exciting activity resources. Check out the Challenge Cards below for STEM programs you can run in your Unit.

Please be sure to check back here regularly as we add new and exciting program resources!

If you have an activity that was a hit with your Unit, we'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us.

There are also some great resources on the national STEM Scouts website from National Science Week 2022.

Program Resources

Acids and Bases: IndicatorsJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Acids and Bases: pH of WaterJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Bath BombsJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Bicarb Soda & Vinegar RocketsJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Chemical Properties: Density TowersJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Chemical Properties: Milk ArtJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Chemical Properties: Paper ChromatographyJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Chemical Properties: Viscosity of FoodJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge CardTime Sheet
Chemical Properties: Water FireworksJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Chemical Reactions: Borax Bouncy BallsJoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Chemical Reactions: Coke and MentosJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Chemical Reactions: Elephant's ToothpasteScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Chemical Reactions: Milk PlasticJoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Design Your Own Experiment - Scientific MethodJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge CardScientific Investigation Sheet
Elephant's ToothpasteScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Explosions and Implosions: Candle ChemistryJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Explosions and Implosions: Creating HydrogenScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Explosions and Implosions: Egg in a BottleJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Explosions and Implosions: Imploding CansScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Explosions and Implosions: Make Your Own CO2 Fire ExtinguisherCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Figuring Out Fingerprints (Rolling Fingerprints)Cubs ScoutsVenturersChallenge CardFeatures of a FingerprintFingerprint Card
Figuring Out Fingerprints (Superglue Fuming)ScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge CardFeatures of a FingerprintFingerprint Card
Fire ColoursJoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge CardFire Colours Chart
Food and Chemistry: Discover DairyJoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Food and Chemistry: Fizzy LemonadeJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Food and Chemistry: Juice Gummies & Popping BallsJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Food and Chemistry: SherbetJoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Fox Hunting - Radio Direction FindingJoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Giant BubblesJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Growing Salt CrystalsJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
HovercraftJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Imploding CanScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Magnet SoccerJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Marble RunJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Pick Up The Poo - Communication ActivityJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Projectile Motion - Build A Mini CatapultJoeysCubsScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Puzzle HuntersJoeysCubsChallenge Card
RocketsJoeysCubsScoutsChallenge Card
Soil pH TestingScoutsVenturersChallenge Card
Use a VR Headset - Joeys and CubsJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Use a VR Headset - Scouts, Venturers, and RoversScoutsVenturersRoversChallenge Card
Virtual RealityJoeysCubsChallenge Card
Whirly BirdsJoeysCubsChallenge CardInstructionsTemplate
Who Wrote It? Paper ChromatographyScoutsVenturersChallenge Card
Wind BoatsJoeysCubsChallenge CardInstruction Sheet
Acids and Bases: Coin CleaningJoeysCubsChallenge Card